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Hello, my name is Peter Cook-Jones but you can call me CJ (CEE JAY) . My background since leaving school has been in the construction industry and then in teaching for the past 10 years. I have taught mostly adults and really enjoy exchanging ideas and learning about the culture and lifestyles of my students.
I have travelled a lot in Europe, India, North Africa where I talk to locals and help them with English.
I have TEFL qualifications: Business, Telephone, Online, and IELTS preparation plus my teaching Cert Ed level 5.
I always like to be ontime for lessons and like my students to do the same if possible or inform me if they cannot.
Conversation is very important and you will get the chance to talk a lot with me while helping you with any problems.
My advantage is that I speak UK English with a fairly neutral accent.
I am a keen musician and play guitar, mandolin and harmonica when I can, I love talking about music, instruments, culture, art, and travel.

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