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Hello!  My name is Lisa and I am from the beautiful state of Colorado in the United States. 

I have lived in the US for all of my life but have visited a few other countries including Canada, Mexico, and the Bahamas.  

I have taught private piano lessons for many years as well as many business training classes for a couple of different companies which were a financial company and a healthcare company. These classes included customer service training as well as new product training which we rolled out to our many employees.

My teaching style is not strict and I focus more on conversational English.  I love to laugh and have fun in lessons.

Students who are self-directed will find my lessons fun as I focus more on the conversation than on a formal lesson.  

I have many different lessons available to fit your needs but if you want to talk about your weekend, your job, an article you read or just about things around the house, we can certainly make that into our lesson.

Some students read and learn from other places and then bring the material
to work on their speaking.  I am flexible and love to accommodate students.

Although I am a tutor, I learn so much from every student.  There is always an opportunity to learn something new each and every day.

I am also a voice-over
artist. A voice-over artist records many things including books and corporate presentations as well as commercials.  Pronunciation is important to me and I like to pass that on to my students as well.  

In my free time, I love to read, play piano, hike with my dogs and my husband and I love to watch movies.
Here are a few pictures of my dogs and myself and my husband. 

I can't wait to meet you for a lesson!


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