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Nadin Mai Профиль преподавателя


my name is Nadin Mai. I'm a private tutor and freelance researcher with roots in Germany. Since 2007, however, I've been living abroad - first in the United Kingdom for eight years, then briefly in Belgium and now I'm living with my cat and my husband in France. My original background is Film Studies and I've been writing about "Slow Cinema" for eight years now. I'm working as a festival programmer and am currently working on my first own book.

Thirteen years abroad have put me in touch with a multitude of people from other cultures, other social backgrounds, people speaking other languages. It truly is a fascinating world and I use this knowledge and the passion which I have gathered in my classes. 

Why teaching? I started teaching during my PhD in 2012, when I became a teaching assistant at the university. I quickly realised that teaching wasn't so much about helping others to learn, but also about learning a lot yourself. Teaching is a two-way process, especially when  it is done across geographical frontiers, languages and cultures. 

I have learned a lot thanks to those people I met along the way. I met people who are passionate about the same subjects I am passionate about: languages, culture, art, society, and much more. 

So, I'm sure you ask what I can offer. The best way forward is to tell you what I have already done in the past:

  • simple daily conversations for those who seek to practice their everyday German/English
  • theme-focused conversations based on a subject of the student's choice
  • job interview preparations / CV check
  • pronounciation exercises
  • help with translations
  • language test preparation
All my classes are easy-going and flexible. If you need a lot of help, I'm there to help with adequate corrections and encouragement. If you're already fluent in German/English, then I'm there to listen to you and give you small hints here and there.

My classes always depend on the level of the student, and what you see in my Lesson List is not necessarily always the best for you. This is why I encourage you to take my 15mins free class in order to get to know me and discuss your learning goals with me. This allows me to see how I can help you best and I can, if required, create individual courses for you. 

I'm looking forward to getting to know you and to having my first class with you!  

Summer holiday: 20-31 July 2020.
Please note: If any language packs expire during my holiday, I will, of course, extend them beyond my holiday. Just let me know in case i forget it! :) 


Q. Hi Nadin Mai! To start, can you briefly introduce yourself? A. Yes! Thanks for the opportunity. As you have already mentioned, my name is Nadin. I’m 31 years old, originally from Germany but have lived abroad for a good twelve years now. I work freelance as a teacher, film critic and distributor. I’m currently based in Brittany, in the west of France. Q. Tell us a bit about where you’re from -...

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