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Q. Since you offer a variety of lessons, is there any lesson you can recommend in particular? Or can you give a quick overview which lesson might be good for which type of student?



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Hello, my name is Jenni and I am an English tutor with lots of teaching experience in the USA, UK, Japan and Spain.

  • Native English speaker from the UK
  • Volunteer tutor in the USA
  • CELTA qualified (International House Barcelona)
  • I lived in Japan from 2006 to 2009 and my teaching experience included:  
  • NOVA, Okayama
  • JICA/JOCV, Komagane
  • Business English Teacher for Interac, Nagoya
  • Currently I live in Spain where I enjoy living in the country and teaching English
  • I started teaching online classes 6 years ago

Riding near my home in Malaga province, Spain:

I like helping students improve their speaking skills whether that is to pass exams, succeed at job interviews or make memorable presentations.
I teach people from a wide variety of professions and I always like to find out about their experience of working life.
My main concern is always to adapt my classes to the needs of the individual student and help people achieve their objectives.

My students say I am friendly and supportive so if you want to gain fluency, improve your confidence and communicate more effectively I would love to help you.

(Sorry, I do not teach children, only adults)

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Spring into English Chat Pack

50min 6,800P

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Pack of 5 (1,360 Points per lesson)

5 free conversation lessons (50 mins) for the price of 4. Can be used...

Get Started Chat Pack

25min 4,000P

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Pack of 5 (800 Points per lesson)

5 free conversation lessons for the price of 4. Can also be used for ...

Tutor consultation

15min 300P

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Let's meet for the first time and discuss your study objectives.

Free Conversation

50min 1,700P

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Talk about anything - your choice!

What's on your mind?

25min 1,000P

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Free Conversation on any topic you choose

Interview Practice

50min 1,700P

Урок Skype

Practice for your job or college admission interview

Professional Conversation

50min 1,700P

Урок Skype

Talking about current issues in your field of work or study

Speaking Practice for Exams

50min 1,700P

Урок Skype

Cambridge and IELTS practice using Speaking Exam papers

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Jenni Wain

Jenni Wain

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