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"If you don't use it, you won't learn it!"

[About me]

Hi, I'm Light, and I am a Japanese raised overseas. Nice to meet you all :) 

I was born in Japan, but I grew up in many different countries including the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Vanuatu, and New Zealand. So I sound native in English as well as Japanese.
I was living in New Zealand for the past 11 years until I moved to Japan with mu husband in 2019.
While living in NZ, nursing was my main job, along with working as a freelance translator and online English teacher.

I love to sing, and I also love playing the bass.
Some of my other hobbies include: Baking, Crafts, Playing with my pets, Hanging out with my friends.

[As a tutor...]
I have been teaching in an English Conversation Class as a volunteer for the past 5 years.
In addition, I was heavily involved with international students and Japanese working holiday people, helping them with their grammer, pronunciations, and expressions.

[Lesson Styles - English]       
"Very Beginners are welcome too!"

The most common question I get asked is "How can I improve my English?" (Not surprisingly...)
The answer is simple! "By Using English!"

So often, people don't use Ensligh because they are worried about making mistakes. They are missing out on their opportunities to imrpove their English.
From what I have been seeing, the ones who improve the most, are ones who "just talk anyway".
It's ok to get it wrong. You just need to correct it.
You won't improve if you don't talk.

It is the same for children. When they learn to speak, even their native language, they learn from "Listening, and speaking what they hear".
So let's get started! Get speaking!

During my classes, I will be encouraging you to speak what you know. And I will give you feedback regarding grammar, pronunciations and more natural ways of saying your sentences.

Those who don't know English at all, but would like to learn are welcome as well!
Let's learn together in a style that suits you.

[Lessons Styles - Japanese] Beginners to Intermediate

The Japanese lessons will vary depending on your needs. Whether you want to be able to talk with friends, be able to read books, or know Japan and its culture. ...Or all of the above.

In the "Baby Japanese Student" lessons I will be teaching you the very basic characters of Japanese as well as some words.

Other lessons involving talking and Kanji are still under preparation. So keep a close eye on this page or the Tutor's column if that is what you are interested in :)
I hope to see you at the lessons.

<It would be very much appreciated if you could send me a brief introduction of yourself when you request a lesson for the first time.>

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Currently Not Accepting New Students

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Why not talk in English?

25min 800P

Урок Skype

Doesn't matter if you're good or bad at English. Let's use it!


25min 1,000P

Урок Skype

英語なんて「ハロー」程度しかわからない! でもしゃべってみたい! そんな方、ウェルカム☆


15min 300P

Урок Skype

初めてレッスンを受ける方、一度お話しましょう (*^_^*)


25min 1,500P

Урок Skype

オリジナルのレッスン内容をご相談ください! 料金はレッスン内容により調整いたします。

Why not talk in English? [Long ver.]

50min 1,600P

Урок Skype

Doesn't matter if you're good or bad at English. Let's use it!

超初心者様へ☆ [Long ver.]

50min 2,000P

Урок Skype

英語なんて「ハロー」程度しかわからない! でもしゃべってみたい! そんな方、ウェルカム☆

Let's have some fun and learn English/Japanese at the same time☆ "Gu...

Let's practice translation with the text of your choice :)

Let's talk in Japanese! (Beginner)

25min 1,000P

Урок Skype

For those who want to speak in Japanese, but don't know any words. L...

Baby Japanese Students.

25min 1,000P

Урок Skype

Welcome to the world of learning Japanese. If you don't know a singl...


0min 600P

Без Skype


Pack of 5 (500 Points per lesson)


☆Short Lesson☆[With Webcam]

15min 600P

Урок Skype

For those who want to use English, but don't have much time.

☆Short Lesson☆[No Webcam]

15min 600P

Урок Skype

For those who want to use English, but don't have much time.

I will create a recording using the text of your choice (Customised),...

"Output" practice☆

0min 600P

Без Skype

Here's your opportunity to practice pronunciation and make your own s...

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