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Q. プロフィールによると、17年以上海外にお住まいなんですね!住んだことがある国や特に記憶に残っている海外での経験があれば教えて頂けますか?



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Hello Everyone, my name is Keiko. I am from Japan, and have over 20 years of teaching experience ranging from teaching in Japan, Australia, and Malaysia. I have taught in schools, adult education and in private tutoring or group lessons and across different age groups.

I am a very friendly, enthusiastic and patient teacher who strives to meet the abilities, interests and needs of the students. I am passionate about making the learning meaningful to each individual while making sure the student feels confident and motivated in expressing her/himself.

(Celebrating the graduation with the students - it was the school's custom that boys and girls swap their uniforms on the final day of their schooling.)

I am particularly good at teaching beginners and intermediate students to build up skills and knowledge in Japanese. I have a diverse range of materials and units of works, so if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry :) Or if you have any particular goals to achieve, please let me know - I will cater for your needs.

Living overseas more than 17 years helped me become more culturally sensitive and aware of my own background - Japanese culture, traditions, values and ways of thinking. If these are of your interests, I can help you deepen your understanding.

(Japan trip with my students, at Itsukushima)

I currently live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with my British husband. My hobbies are cooking, traveling, reading and sports such as cycling, hiking and tennis. I love keeping healthy and fit.

- My qualifications -
Bachelor of Arts (Foreign Languages - English)
Teaching Certificates in teaching English at Japanese junior and senior high schools
Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary, TESOL and LOTE - Japanese)

- My work history -
5 years teaching in junior high schools in Japan
Japanese language assistant for a year in Australia
14 years teaching in schools in Victoria, Australia (primary to high school level)
Taking weekly adult group lessons for local senior employees of a Japanese company Saizeriya for 3 years
Working in an adult language school in Penang, Malaysia
Volunteer teaching at the deportee shelter in Indonesian Consulate, Penang & UNHCR supported school for Myanmer refugee Chin people 
Private tutoring and group tutoring

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Keiko Davy

Keiko Davy

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Graduate diploma Education (secondary)

Bachelor of Arts 外国語学部英語学科卒業

Licensed High School Teacher 高等学校一種免許状(英語)

Licensed Teacher Junior High 中学校教諭一種免許(英語)

Diploma in kinesiology 運動(生理)学 免状

Therapeutic Touch

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