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New Blog Tips For Places To Stay In Kuala Lumpur

Суббота, 14 Сентябрь 2019 r. 10:28

Tips For Places To Stay In Kuala Lumpur 滞在先


もう1つのチェックポイントは行き先の地形!僕は乗り物に極力乗らないようにしてる,往復6kmまでならあるく。滞在先が坂の上だと気温と湿度が高い地域の場合体調に影響する。体調管理も海外にいる際のノマドワーカーは考慮必須。ちなみに今回はチェックしなかったので頭痛がするほどの坂を上る羽目になった。まるでサンフランシスコ!ああ失敗。苦笑 (今回はAirbnbを使用しました)
Hints for finding medium- to long-term stays. On the grounds of the building or in the neighborhood? Whether a water vending machine or water filter machine is in the hotel or home. It takes a lot of time and effort to get water at the supermarket. The supermarket price is 1RM but if you have a vending machine for water when you take a container, it costs 0.20 ringit for 1 liter. 80% of the price is for plastic containers? Nonsense! ! Another checkpoint is the destination terrain! I try to as much as possible to walk. If you are on a hill, walking is difficult especially if you have a backpack and then throw in the heat and humidity your health could actually be affected. Let's consider nomad workers who are currently working overseas. By the way, I didn't check this time, so I ended up going up a hill with a headache. This hill was no joke really like San Francisco.  Oh failure! I used AirBnB but I should have checked little a better. Comments are welcome and messages are welcome. Please have a try.

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