Добавь специй со всего мира в свою жизнь

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Суббота, 28 Сентябрь 2019 r. 15:19

To all you daily news lovers out there,

Isn't it interesting to learn about what is happening in your country and around the world? The good news and the bad news?

The news really does touch us emotionally no matter how new or old it is. Sometimes we cannot help but feel concerned, upset, happy or sad when we read about the different things going on around us. When something touches us emotionally, we remember it more even if you learn it in another language. What better way to improve your English while reading the news? 

I offer a 25-minute lesson for all daily news lovers who want to improve their English while keeping up to date with what is going on around them. 


California Woman Swallows Diamond Ring in Her Sleep

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