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Четверг, 16 Январь 2020 r. 17:13

We all know the expression "Make a wish".

I prefer “Make an intention

Even if the expression itself doesn't really exist, I give importance to the meaning of this sentence.

Intention differs a lot from desire:

the Desire is ephemeral, uncertain, almost depends on fate.

The Intention, on the other hand, is strong, directed towards a specific goal and depends on us.


When I aim to the realisation of my projects, Intention is a fundamental part of this path!


If the Intention is strong, achieving the goal is more accessible.


Try to say "my intention is" instead of "my desire is".


The intrinsic power of words exists and greatly influences our approach to the various situations of life!


Try it: it will make a difference!


Have a nice Thursday!


Flavia C

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