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SAME but DIFFERENT (Indonesia and Japan words)

Aug 24, 2020

Hello, How are you?
Hope everything's going well.

When learning Indonesian, maybe you'll find some words that similar with Japanese words.
So, here it is!

1. 噛む = KAMU. Translation: bite. In Indonesian, kamu is YOU. Yes, you! 
抱く = DAKU. Translation: hold. In Indonesian, daku is i am (formal)
異人館 = IJINKAN. Ijinkan is european style house building. In Indonesian, Ijinkan is allow.
いかん = IKAN. In Indonesian, Ikan is fish.
食え = KUE. Translation: eat. In Indonesian, kue is cake.
6. 梨 = NASHI. Translation: pear. In Indonesian, nasi is rice
7. すかすか = SUKASUKA. Translation: faint. In Indonesian, suka-suka is whatever (if the sentence is: suka-suka aku dong!)
8. 様 = SAMA. Translation: a more respectful version for people of a higher rank than oneself or divine, toward one's guests or customers (such as a sports venue announcer addressing members of the audience), and sometimes toward people one greatly admires. In Indonesia, sama means same and with (informal).
9. また = MATA. Translation: also. In Indonesian, Mata means eyes.
10. 春 = HARU. Translation: spring. In Indonesia, haru is pity.

I just discovered these few words. If you know any other words, please let me know!

Thank you for reading my column, and stay healthy!


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