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(成功の秘密)'Secrets of Success’—an Amazing Japanese Major League Baseball Player, Ohtani-san!

Weekly Topic: What Surprised You Recently?

Четверг, 3 Июнь 2021 r. 06:20 | 2 Comments

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Hello, everyone! How are you today? It’s Teacher Asuka.


Today, I’m going to talk about the importance of  ‘Self-fulfilment’.

The other day, I have found a mandala-sheet, which is known as ‘Self-fulfillment sheet’ made by Ootani Shohei, who is one of a famous Major League Baseball Player in the US, as you already know. I was surprised at the contents.

 Mandala-sheet by Ootani Shohei

This mandala-sheet above was made by him at the age of 16. In the sheet, you will write what you want to become the most in the center of the sheet. After this, you will write 8 elements around to realize the thing you want to be the most in the future. Then, you will pick one element each out of the 8 elements to make other mandala-sheets so that you can complete this ‘Self-fulfilment’ sheet at last.

His dream was to be selected as No1 draft into 8 Japanese Professional Baseball Teams at that time. To realize his dream, he had shown 8 elements as follows—Mentality, Fortune, Control, Sense of Humanity, how to build the body, Sharp way of throwing, how to throw changing spheres, and High-speed pitching.

For other example, raising his luck, he had also shown 8 elements such as Greetings, picking up some trash, cleaning his room, positive thinking, being behave politely for umpires, reading some books, dealing with his tools gently, and becoming a person who is cheered on by the people.

According to this awesome sheet, we can find how Ootani-san is so smart, positive, and generous person. I ‘d say that he is more than just a baseball player definitely.

Thank you for joining with me as well.

See you next time!

Teacher Asuka

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