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Weekly Topic: Things on My Bucket List

Среда, 21 Июль 2021 r. 22:40

1. Become fluent in 7 Languages (currently at 4) and learn 12 languages! (currently at 8) 

2. Live in Japan for a year (or forever lol.) 

3. Sing at a concert or at an opera house in Japan! That would be a dream...

4. Go to Lake Baikal in Russia

5. Spend a few months just backpacking around the world while eating at Michelin restaurants. (Lol!) 

6. See the Northern Lights in Canada

7. Stay in a Buddhist Temple for a month

8. Have my own garden with vegetables 

9. Learn how to horseback ride! (inspired by one of my awesome student's, who started at 50!)

10. Dance forever! 

What's on your bucket list? 

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