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Idioms relating to food and eating

Среда, 29 Ноябрь 2023 r. 08:00

It is often difficult to understand Idioms and to use them correctly. Idioms are a great way to communicate and can help you to sound more native. 

These idioms relating to food and eating are especially confusing without a native teacher to explain them. Can you match them to their definitions? Don't cheat because the answers are next. 

Here are the correct answers.

How did you do? Don't worry if you were confused as these idioms are very difficult. 
Please remember that lessons using idioms are for upper intermediate and advanced adult students only. 

With British idioms the meaning isn't always logical and the meaning is often deep or cultural. 

To get help with these more meaningful idioms you can book a lesson with me. I use high-quality materials and encourage my students to talk and express themselves. 

for example, I will ask you to talk about yourself or to use your imagination and tell me a story.

Idioms can be a great way to learn to talk about yourself, topics that interest you or other subjects you might need to study for work or in school. Idioms are a fun way for upper intermediate and advanced adult students to improve their English and to sound more native. 

I look forward to meeting you and helping you to improve very soon. 

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