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How to eat fish elegantly

Среда, 29 Ноябрь 2023 r. 09:21

If you don't eat the right way, your relationship with your partner may suffer.
It's true that people who eat beautifully show that they are well-educated, considerate, and well-bred.
Particularly notable is the way we eat fish.
There is a clear distinction between those who eat fish in a clean way and those who don't.
However, fish has a lot of bones, so it takes practice to eat it properly.
So, this time I would like to introduce how to eat fish.

Expression point

This time, there were many expressions related to food.

① 食欲(しょくよく)がある / have big appetites
Come on! It's good that you both have big appetites, but the way you eat is not elegant!

② 食べ方が汚(きたな)い人 / messy eaters
Many women say that their love for their partner fades /because their boyfriends are messy eaters.

③ light flavor/ あっさり  rich flavor/ こってり
Japanese food is eaten in order from light to rich flavors.

④ flip the fish over / 魚をひっくり返す
Isn't it better to flip the fish over and eat it instead of removing the bones?


"Don't turn the fish upside down when you eat it."


I think many Japanese people know this, but there seem to be various theories as to why.


When I was a child, my grandmother taught me that you should never overturn the fish to avoid capsizing the fishing boat.


But when I looked into it, I found out that there is also a theory that turning it upside down represents rebellion.


It seems that interpretations vary depending on region and era.

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