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How to meditate?

Вторник, 30 Август 2016 r. 18:27

Hey guys,

recently I posted a new coupon with 50% discount on my meditaion class! Hurry up and let's get into the practical things which you can use right away after the class. Some questions which you might probably ask are why people meditate and how to do it?

On question why here I thing the most common answers, because they want to achieve or get on of these things:

  1. Have more harmony and balance in life
  2. Achieve the Peaceful mind state
  3. Experience less stress
  4. Be more focused
  5. Sleep better
  6. Be more present, enjoy every moment
  7. Have better relationships with their spouse, friends, family
  8. Be more successful
  9. Be happier
  10. Be healthier
Now when you know that all that things are possible to achieve using modern meditaion techniques, most probably you are curious how to do it?

The question how itself is more personal than a common rule for everyone. However there are some techniques and practical tools which helps, would it help you or not you will know by practising them and trying out.

Want to know more, sing up for my course. Want to try it for free, write me and I will issue trial version completely free (will be valid all September 2016).

Meanwhile you can check a famous people and coaches what do they think about meditation:



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