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How to improve your Russian?

Понедельник, 12 Декабрь 2016 r. 03:21

Russian is a difficult language to learn, it is true.

First thing which you will learn is how to read and write, after some simple phrases and at this point of time you will need some grammar to start understanding the structure of the language.

First, we need to understand that there are 3 genders in Russian:

female (ona)

male (on)

neutral (ono)

If the word is finishing on -й or on consonant it is mostly male

-а, -я, it is usually female

-о, -е it is neutral

There are only 3 times:

pesent, past and future.

Sounds easy? Right, however when it starts to verbs and diclanations it is not that easy at all.

Here you will need help of some additional materials, there are table of irregurall verbs in Russian also like in English, you will need to find them and learn it by heart.

More than that to improve your speaking you need someone with whom you can practice, try to see more tv or movies, listen audios which you can find in Russian, these are all general tips when you learn any foreign language.

Stay posiive and consistent and after some time you will be finally able to support basic conversation, then it will be ideal for you to travel to any Central Asian country (because there people still speak Russian) or to Russia itself.

Good luck in your study, write me if you would need any help.

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