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Среда, 26 Апрель 2017 r. 15:16

If you've been studying English for a long period of time and you see no progress or things are going very slow, why don't you try CALLAN METHOD.

It's a unique question/answer session of high speed, challenging you to think fast and answer with a long sentence.

GIVE it a try! :)

There are 12 stages, stage 1 is for beginners and stage 11~12 is equivalent to native speakers. I have all the materials for each lesson and I'll give them to you prior to the lesson.

It's challenging, it's fun and I'm going to test your level and tell you what stage you are.

I'll introduce CALLAN METHOD to you and we're going to try a lesson.

Maybe this is your new method of study!

Why not try it ?

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