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IELTS スピーキング - 緊張を防ぐ!

Суббота, 31 Май 2014 r. 18:20


Being nervousness and trying to relax in the speaking test interview

It’s important to understand that being nervous is perfectly normal – you are in an unfamiliar place talking to a stranger who is asking you difficult questions in a foreign language so of course you are going to be nervous!

Be kind to yourself if you feel nervous – it’s natural.

However, being too nervous does have a negative effect on your speaking ability – you may make more grammar mistakes, you might forget words, stutter and hesitate and give shorter answers than you normally would.


The good news!

Examiners understand that you are nervous; in fact, they generally expect this with every candidate no matter what their level! So don’t worry, allow yourself to be a little nervous, AND try to help yourself to relax a little.

How to be relaxed during the speaking test:

  • Practice breathing slowly and deeply
  • Every time you practice IELTS speaking, practice slow, deep relaxed breathing too (not too slow or you’ll stop breathing!
  •  Hey, this is Japan try doing zazen everyday a week before your test
  • When you are in the waiting room waiting for your test time don’t read IELTS practice books (many candidates do this). There’s nothing you can do now to prepare, get your mind off the test.  Just listen to some relaxing music, practice relaxed breathing, close your eyes think relaxing thoughts (e.g. lying on the beach)

Enjoy speaking in English! It might sound crazy but it is possible to have fun in the speaking test. How often do you get to meet someone and do all the talking!

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