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Saya Let's start singing ! ~for Beginners~

Let's start singing ! ~for Beginners~

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New to singing? Discover your voice! Learn from the basics.

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Welcome to your first voice lesson!

I want to sing my favorite songs!
I want to sing well at karaoke!
I want to try voice training!
I want to get to know my voice!
I can't get intervals and rhythm down well!
I want to sing low notes, middle notes, and high notes well!
I want to get better at singing a song I wrote!
I want to learn more about the structure of my voice!
I want to learn to sing songs better!
I want to try a new genre!

Do any of these sound like you? Then you've come to the right place! Start off by telling me your personal "I want~"!

Start with the fundamentals and take lessons built around your needs! It doesn't matter whether you are a child or an adult, as long as you want to polish your voice! Take your first step here!

Step 1  Breathing techniques, posture, how to hold your body, facial expressions
      (breathing from the stomach, basics of correct vowelrs and consonants when singing)
Step 2  Voice training based on what you learned in Step 1
      (Effective practice with scales)

Step 3  Sing!
      (Your favorite song, or we can think of a repertoire together)

                 ♪ ♪ Create your life with singing! ♪ ♪

If you have any questions or requests, please contact me any time♪


Use of copyrighted material during lessons

Please note that copyright protected music can not be used during this lesson.
New Students Welcome!

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Hello! I'm Saya Kawashima and I'm a soprano singer. The first time I ever heard opera, I was so moved by the beauty. I wondered how a human could produce that kind of voice and marveled at the...

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話し方も、声の出し方も、両方磨けるオールマイティなレッスンへと変わりました! 正しく、美しく、声と共に健やかな毎日を。

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Learn a wide variety of singing styles such as Pop, J-Pop, Jazz, and ...

New to singing? Discover your voice! Learn from the basics.

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