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Saya Voice Lesson ! 〜 Classical Style〜

Voice Lesson ! 〜 Classical Style〜

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This is a vocal music lesson for people who want to learn opera, etc.

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Just as complete as offline voice lessons★☆

We'll start with breathing and vocalization warm ups and then continue on to the song lesson. Let's have fun going through everything step by step.

                       ~Classical Style~
          Opera, Choir, Traditional Songs
        Vocal music lessons just for you!

Are you an active singer preparing for an audition? Or are you a complete beginner? No matter what your experience level or age is, as long as you are interested in vocal music you are encouraged to attend.

We will go over everything you wouldn't learn in general lessons, such as body posture, detailed explanations on how to breathe correctly, chin and tongue positions. I will help bring out your most natural and beautiful voice. Learn real techniques that are being applied overseas! Gain international knowledge!

We will practice pronunciation and vocalization using pronunciation symbols that are used by the world community. We will also master pronunciation so that it does not become an obstacle once it's time to sing. You will gain a firm understanding of all the different ways to express different styles of music and learn to do so with your voice.

★☆I have learned all the teaching methods for singing that are used in America and have discovered that the source of voices are the same all over the world. Pros do online voice training too! Try it out for yourself!☆☆


Use of copyrighted material during lessons

Please note that copyright protected music can not be used during this lesson.
New Students Welcome!

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Hello! I'm Saya Kawashima and I'm a soprano singer. The first time I ever heard opera, I was so moved by the beauty. I wondered how a human could produce that kind of voice and marveled at the...

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Voice Lesson Pack ! 〜50分!〜

50min 12,000P

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Pack of 4 (3,000 Points per lesson)



15min 1,100P

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Pack of 4 (2,200 Points per lesson)


Speaking voice Pack Lesson !

30min 6,600P

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Pack of 3 (2,200 Points per lesson)


New! Speaking voice lesson!

30min 2,300P

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話し方も、声の出し方も、両方磨けるオールマイティなレッスンへと変わりました! 正しく、美しく、声と共に健やかな毎日を。

Voice Lesson! ~For Kids~

30min 2,300P

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Voice Lesson ! 〜 Classical Style〜

50min 3,100P

Урок Skype

This is a vocal music lesson for people who want to learn opera, etc.

Voice Lesson! 〜Non Classical Style〜

50min 3,100P

Урок Skype

Learn a wide variety of singing styles such as Pop, J-Pop, Jazz, and ...

New to singing? Discover your voice! Learn from the basics.

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