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Rhys (リース) TED Talks Lesson (No feedback)

TED Talks Lesson (No feedback)

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Есть пробный урок 30min 1000Баллы

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Learn English through fun and educational TED Talks!

Учебные материалы

Другое - I will send you a TED Talk video clip or you will request one of your choice

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*Effective August 1, 2015 all students who would like lesson feedback must purchase it separately for all lessons (Except "Course Counselling" and trial lessons).

TED Talks are short educational talks given by a variety of people and that cover a wide field of topics. Some of those fields include medicine, science, philosophy, sociology, astronomy, linguistics and much more!

Our lesson will generally follow the following pattern:

Before the lesson: 

1.) I will send you a TED Talk clip before our lesson. (Or, if you have a preference, you are free to choose a clip of your choice too!)
2.) Take notes of any grammar, phrases, or vocabulary that you did not understand. Also, it is important to note the times in the video that something appeared unfamiliar to you. (For example, "at 3:08 in the video, there was a word I didn't understand.") You do not need to spend too much time looking up each individual word; we will go over that during the lesson.

During the lesson:

1.) Ask me any vocabulary, phrases, or grammar that was unfamiliar. 
2.) I will ask you to summarize the video clip, and explain to me the main points as well. 
3.) I will ask you several questions about the content of the TED Talks video clip.
4.) Lastly, we will discuss and dialogue about the content and message of the video. 

The order of the lesson is very flexible! Please let me know if you would like to do something more specific or different.


New Students Welcome!

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Rhys (リース)
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Hello everyone! My name is Rhys and I am from Canada. Thank you for taking the time to look at my profile! A little bit about me...I was born and raised in a small city about an hour aw...

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