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BR Strategy Session

Strategy Session

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Identify the right Strategy & Achieve your goals!

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Most students waste a lot of money in trying to master English. Why?  No strategy!

That's why I created the Strategy Session.  It's super simple... a unique discussion designed for students who are puzzled by Cafetalk, want to deciper its mysteries, and... more than anything... want to achieve their language goals quickly, efficiently, at minimal cost.

When I first went to Peru in the year 2000, I could not speak a word of Spanish.  Six months later I was reading, writing and negotiating contracts in Spanish with goverment officials.

Fluency can be achieved, quickly, at minimal cost and I can tell you how.  In fact, since joining Cafetalk, I've noticed something: Most students who choose to work with me already know a lot of English.  So the question is...

How do you get to the next level?

Unfortunately, the vast majority of materials available to you (i.e. books, internet, courses, etc.) are too easy!  They are aimed at the lowest common denominator... those who don't know anything! That's fine if you are a beginner. But if you already have a solid understanding of English, it's a total waste of YOUR time!

Time is money!  So if you want to reach the next level, it all comes down to strategy!

Set The Bar High

What I do is set the bar high!  I do this by creating all my own lesson materials, and each lesson has a ton of information.  My goal is to condense 12 hours of work into 1 hour.  That way, you achieve your goals faster.  Achieve your goals faster, you save a lot of money.

If you'd like to explore how to achieve your language goals, please reserve this lesson.  Having the right strategy can make ALL the difference!

New Students Welcome!

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Hi. My name is Brian.  For those of you who are business executives, I have an international business background spanning almost 40 years.  I was born in Canada, spoke English at home, but ...

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