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Tantissime notizie e curiosità del mondo dai nostri tutor di Cafetalk!
お久しぶりでございます。7月末より8月中旬まで帰省しておりました。 1年半ぶりの帰省。夏に帰省するのは実に5年ぶり。家族3人で長期間帰省するのは今回が初めてでした。 楽しい思い出もたくさんでき、...
Published 10 Jun, 2019 | View: 410
最近、少し忙しい日々が続いております。   実は、先月、義母が膝の手術をして入院しておりました。 今は退院していますが、まだ車椅子生活なので色々とお手伝いしに行っております。 毎日...
Published 10 Apr, 2019 | View: 507
お義母さんのお誕生日パーティーの食材買い出しのため、소래포구という仁川付近の水産市場へ行ってきました。 何にしようか、どれにしようか、話し合い中でございます。 お会計をすると、その場でさ...
Published 3 Apr, 2019 | View: 551
先日、"소래포구"という水産市場に行ってきました。 お義母さんのお誕生日だったので、パーティー用の食材を買いに行ったのです。 海産物は、国によって食べるものが異なるので、見ていて面白いですよね。...
Published 4 Mar, 2019 | View: 768
カフェトークで講師のお仕事を始めてから1年が経ち、おかげさまでレッスン数も1000件に到達いたしました!! 素晴らしい生徒様と出会えたおかげで、今日まで頑張ってこれたと思います。 誠にありがとう...


Profilo di Emi.E

Hi! I am Emi from Tokyo. I currently live in South Korea.

The more you speak, the quicker you will learn. So, in my lesson, my students are encouraged to speak out!

We can start with self-introduction, easy dialogues, and etc.

I have a lesson which can prepare you to have a free conversation in your learning language; in that lesson, we will;

  • practice for free conversation while learning grammar
  • describe the scenes depicted in a picture
  • Q and A
  • free discussion over multiple topics ...etc.

I can be flexible to your need, so please consult with me anytime! We will decide what to study during our counseling time.

During my Korean teaching lessons, I use Japanese occasionally to explain the content clear to my Japanese speaking students. However, if you would like, I can provide the lesson which we only speak Korean.
I can talk about my life in Korea too! Marriage, childbirth, parenting, human relationships... I have a lot to share with you, if you are interested in knowing about the life in Korea!

I am a positive and outgoing person. I am good at making a relaxing atmosphere during my lesson. Please feel free to contact me and signing up for my lessons!

Textbooks that we can use: 「できる韓国語」(Dekiru Kankokugo)、「カナタテキスト」(Katakana Text)


にほんごを べんきょうしている みなさん、こんにちは!
わたしは CAFE TALKで にほんご かいわを おしえています。
いろいろなことについて たくさん はなしましょう!
しつもんも たくさん してください!!
おあいできるのを たのしみにしています^^

안녕하세요? 저는 일본 도쿄에서 온 에미라고 합니다. 한국에 온지 7년정도 되었습니다. 지금까지 한국분을 대상으로 일본어 회화 과외를 주로 해왔습니다. 일상회화부터 비즈니스회화까지 수업 가능합니다.
마음 편하게 참여해 주세요^^
잘 부탁 드리겠습니다!

※When I received an unexpected call from a school about my child, I have to pick it up immediately. If that happens during the lesson, I will pause the lesson, and a student will receive a coupon afterword. If that happened right before our scheduled lesson, the same compensation may take place.

【Cafetalk Translation August 2018】


Q. Hello Emi! First, could you give us a brief self-introduction? A. Hi! I am Emi. I teach Japanese and Korean in Cafetalk. Although I had some Japanese teaching experience in Korea, teaching Korean to Japanese speakers was something totally new when I signed up Cafetalk to become a tutor. So, I would say that I still have much to learn to grow into a better Korean tutor! Q. Could you tell us abo...

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