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Published 27 May, 2020 | View: 323
....Let's do some exercises together to strengthen up your body!
Published 15 Apr, 2020 | View: 474
Йога и медитация
..Hello everybody! I know that now many people have to work from home and cannot go out to walk. ...
Published 22 Mar, 2020 | View: 513
please enjoy!^^
Published 14 Feb, 2020 | View: 655
Work hard and can make some big dance! Please enjoy to watch our new show!)) I perform with my ...
Published 1 Jul, 2019 | View: 1193
Hello everybody!Welcome to watch our new video))We perform with my students, dancing pop-baladi dan...
Hello everybody! ^^

I'm Alla from Moscow.

I'm a dance instructor and choreographer. I teach my students different dances but here i want to introduce you Hooping Classes, Oriental Dance Classes and Balance your body Classes!

This kind of dance let you use all parts of your body and make them flexible and strong but also make your moves smooth, feminine and musical

Welcome to follow me on Instargam @allayoo6

Also i would like to introduce you

"Practice your Russian! - for beginners and continues to study" lesson.

I'm a native russian speaker so i can teach you some easy and useful russian words and phrases.

You can practice your pronunciation!

Listen native russian speech!

Learn russian language by playing game! ^^



Q. Hi Alla, would you like to give us a quick self-introduction? A. Hello everybody! I’m Alla from Moscow. I’m a choreographer, performer and dance instructor. Also i’m a fusion person so 1 kind of something is not acceptable by me^^ In my work, out of my work and usually in my life i have many different kind of things to do. If you ask me about dance i would say that i cannot focus only in 1 kin...

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