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Published 28 Mar, 2020 | View: 136
With the increase in Coronavirus infection globally, I am sure many of you, like me, have had a lif...
Published 1 Mar, 2020 | View: 190
Dear students and Cafetalk users,   The year 2020 is a "leap year". Did you know, that leap...
Published 8 Jan, 2020 | View: 287
I saw an interesting concept about “January blues” [正月病] on Japanese news (source: News...

Acky Tutor Profile

Hi, I am Acky(秋)from Melbourne, Australia.
I have lived in Melbourne since 2001, and also have spent time living in London, UK and Toronto, Canada.

I was originally borned in Malaysia, and is multilingual since I was young. I grew up speaking both English and Chinese Mandarin, and have learnt Japanese since 2009.

I have been working in Finance for more than 10 years but my passion in languages continues. During my free time, I love learning new languages, reading, playing the piano and continue to improve my language skills.

I also love travelling. The most exotic and memorable place I have ever been to is Mongolia, and I love travelling in the plains, in a world of no mobile phones or computers. It was so blissful.

I believe the only way to get better at anything is to practise, practise, practise. I can help you get better at English or Chinese Mandarin, at your own pace, in the topics you wish to cover.

As I have learnt Japanese from scratch, I understand the difficulties of learning languages. This is why I love CafeTalk because I can use this as a platform to learn more new languages and help others who wants to learn English and Chinese too.

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