Let the world spice up your life.

Whether you're in a club, playing for your own enjoyment, or trying to pursue a professional career as a clarinet player you'll find the right lesson for you on Cafetalk.

Learn to Play the Clarinet

The clarinet, with its distinct timbre and range, has found a place in many types of music
from classical orchestras to jazz ensembles. Our tutors have many years of professional experience in brass bands and orchestras,
and can help both beginners and advanced students alike covering topics from assembly
and maintenance to pushing your limits to take your performance to the next level.

Clarinet Lesson Scene

More than just languages! Choose from a variety of categories
including art and music. Broaden your horizons!

Seiyu Takizawa








93年第1回大阪国際室内楽フェスタ特別賞受賞。 (フィルハーモニー・クィンテット) 相愛大学音楽学部非常勤講師。

Seiyu Takizawa クラリネットレッスン

Having taken up the clarinet in his early teens, Seiyu has studied in a musical high-school and university to go on to perform professionally for 35 years in an orchestra. Now he is a freelance performer and teacher.

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