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Victor Trejo

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Life Advice
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Kim K Watkinson

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☆幼児さんむけ☆ 英語でお話しを聞いてみましょう。お話しの中に出てくる動物や乗り物の名前を、絵をみながら一緒に言ってみよう。お絵描きもできるよ✿

Online EnglishLessons - ✿絵本の会✿ English 20 Mins 1,000 Pts
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Ms.Kana classroom

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《Free 》25min Chinese free talk

This is a free consultation session available before your first lesson. Everyone is entitled to one session.

Online ChineseLessons - 《Free  》25min Chinese free talk Chinese 25 Mins 0 Pts
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Momo C

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Online Sign LanguageLessons - 手話☆指文字練習♪ Sign Language 15 Mins 800 Pts
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Learn About Horses

Have fun Building Vocabulary and Conversation about Horses

Online EnglishLessons - Learn About Horses English 0 Mins 1,400 Pts
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Kristen H.

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His explanations are precise and he has a good grasp of your level of understanding so you don't have to worry about anything. Even if you make a mistake, he corrects you in a way that doesn't hurt your feelings, so you can just talk and talk without being scared of being wrong. I think everyone takes his classes continously because of his great personality. He's a wonderful teacher. More »

基礎から学ぶ韓国語講座  (初級)

Since I am a beginner, I struggled to get the words out, but Paolo was patient with me and smiling the entire time. He wrote down explanations for all the phrases he said out loud, so they were very easy to understand. I'm so happy to have had the chance to speak in Italian with an Italian for the first time. More »


My 5 year old daughter took this lesson. She couldn't play as smoothly during the lesson than during practice, but she managed to continue onto the last volume of Bayer. It seems like she's in the right mindset during the lesson. He uses great music and songs during class so that she can focus for 30 minutes straight without getting tired. More »


He's a kind, friendly tutor who makes sure to point out and correct your mistakes properly. He's very flexible about arranging the course material and gives you suggestions on what to do from the next class onwards. He also has that English accent that I personally love. I think I am going to take his classes continuously. More »

Michael G

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  • "If you have too many choices, people get confused. For me it was a gradual process of realising which lessons are really hitting home with people"
  • "Focus on things that will make students come back over and over and over, not something that’s a one-off.Not something that you can take one or two times and then it’s over"
  • "For online tutoring, you can be a specialist or someone who just does it as a hobby. You can teach what's within the scope of your abilities while making friends from other countries along the way."
  • "Jenny F. teaches Japanese children from all ages. Her youngest student is just 1 ½ years old! In this interview, she shares some of her secrets on making her lessons fun and learning English natural for kids."

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