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Improve your Japanese handwriting skills! Online Japanese Penmanship Lessons

Cafetalk provides online private lessons via Skype, you can have the lesson at home or at Cafe, wherever there’s internet connection. Cafetalk has world class support and also has secured points purchase system that allows students to pay as you go!

Ever looked at your hiragana, katakana or kanji and found them wanting or even totally illegible?

If you'd like to hone your Japanese penmanship and make your writing reflect your true character why not let our certified instructors help you out through intensive private lessons - all conveniently online!

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Emi H

A practical online calligraphy lesson (using a pen) for advanced learners of Japanese.


0 Mins / 900 Pts


0 Mins / 1,900 Pts


An authentic Japanese penmanship lesson offered by a certified master calligraphy. Available in English!

Let's learn how to write Kanji and Hiragana beautifully with a pen or pencil!

25 Mins / 1,200 Pts

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