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Cafetalk is now recruiting new student reporters for the 14th cycle of our Monitor Blogs. Not only can you apply for our online language courses, but you can also try out other popular courses such as music or hobbies like shogi and go. Choose from 14 diverse courses and apply to be one of our 15 student reporters! Try out 5 fun lessons, on us. Let the world spice up your life.

Our call for the 14th round of monitors is now closed. Thanks to all of you who applied!

Application Period: April 20th to April 30th

We're accepting applications for wide variety of genres! Choose from over 30 languages, instrumental or vocal lessons from our music course, or hobbies like shogi and go.

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Language Course

Choose one of the many languages we offer on Cafetalk☆

Reference page : See all language lessons


Previous English course bloggers




Hobby Course

Take up a new hobby this spring! You can try out shogi, go, chess, or anything you like within the hobby category♪

Reference page : See all hobby lessons


Previous Penmanship course bloggers




Music Course

Suitable, from complete beginners to professional musicians.
※Please indicate your desired focus (piano, voice) in your self-promotion.

Reference page : See all music lessons


Previous music course bloggers




Organization Course

Kick off your new lifestyle with a good spring cleaning! Start fresh with your newfound organizational skills.

Reference page : See all organization lessons

Be the very first organization course blogger!


Fashion and Beauty Course

Find the colors and makeup techniques that suit you best!
※You are required to post photos of your face if you write articles about makeup.

Reference page : See all eligible lessons

Be the very first fashion and beauty course blogger!


Health and Fitness Course

Start now and get in shape by summer! Work out, do yoga, or study nutrition from home.

Reference page : See all health and fitness lessons


Previous health and fitness bloggers




Career and Qualifications Course

Study for your professional qualification tests here! Practice your interview skills or plan out your future with a career coach.

Reference page : See all career and certification lessons

Be the very first career and qualifications course blogger!


Academic Tutoring Course

From elementary school tutoring all the way to university entrance exam prep. Adults are also welcome!

Reference page : See all academic tutoring lessons

Be the very first academic tutoring course blogger!

Recruiting Period

  • April 20th to April 30th


  1. You must be at least 20 years old and interested in learning languages.
    Students under the age of 20 are eligible to apply for the language, music, and academic tutoring courses. Guardians are expected to write and maintain the blog posts if the student is a young child.
  2. You must be able to take five lessons within 2 months of being chosen as a monitor.
  3. Every time you take a lesson, you are required to write your review within 3 days of taking the lesson.
  4. You have your own blog account.
  5. You must be registered on cafetalk.com.

* We will email you the results by May 5, 2015. Please note that we may choose another applicant if we do not receive a response within 4 days.

* Please note that monitoring opportunities may be canceled if no suitable candidates are found.

Monitor Details

Language Course ・・・ 5 person
Hobby Course ・・・ 2 person
Music Course ・・・ 3 person
Organization Course ・・・ 1 person
Fashion and Beauty Course ・・・ 1 person
Health and Fitness Course ・・・ 1 person
Career and Qualifications Course ・・・ 1 person
Academic Tutoring Course ・・・ 1 person

* Please note that monitoring opportunities may be canceled if no suitable candidates are found.

Please fill the blanks on the following form.

  • ・Country of residence/providence
  • ・Date of Birth
  • ・Course you wish to take
  • ・Monitor Blog
  • ・Self-Promotion/Desired Lessons
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