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Effect vs Affect

Weekly Topic: A word which took me forever to remember

Суббота, 12 Октябрь 2019 r. 23:28

It's so hard to remember when to use affect and when to use effect, even for native English speakers! They have a similar meaning and they sound the same. So what's the difference? 

Effect is a noun. Effect means a result or consequence. Affect is a verb. Affect means to have an effect or to make a difference. As you can see, it is difficult to tell when to use effect aned when to use effect. 

How do you use Effect in a Sentence? 

Smart phones have a huge effect on our lives. 
In this sentence, effect is a noun. Smart phones are also a noun. Have is the verb that makes this sentence work. 

What about affect? 

Smart phones affect our lives every day. 
In this sentence affect is a verb. 

Are you confused? It's OK! This is very confusing. I only began to truly understand this in university when I was studying English and Journalism. 

I love teaching English and talking about grammar. It can be confusing, even for native speakers. It is fun to compare English grammar with Japaense grammar too. I think it helps students remember it better. 

Have you learned about effect vs affect before? Do you still have questions about it? 

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