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Effect vs Affect

Weekly Topic: A word which took me forever to remember

Oct 12, 2019

It's so hard to remember when to use affect and when to use effect, even for native English speakers! They have a similar meaning and they sound the same. So what's the difference? 

Effect is a noun. Effect means a result or consequence. Affect is a verb. Affect means to have an effect or to make a difference. As you can see, it is difficult to tell when to use effect aned when to use effect. 

How do you use Effect in a Sentence? 

Smart phones have a huge effect on our lives. 
In this sentence, effect is a noun. Smart phones are also a noun. Have is the verb that makes this sentence work. 

What about affect? 

Smart phones affect our lives every day. 
In this sentence affect is a verb. 

Are you confused? It's OK! This is very confusing. I only began to truly understand this in university when I was studying English and Journalism. 

I love teaching English and talking about grammar. It can be confusing, even for native speakers. It is fun to compare English grammar with Japaense grammar too. I think it helps students remember it better. 

Have you learned about effect vs affect before? Do you still have questions about it? 

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