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Iza S Tutor Profile

Hello there! My name is Elizabeth, you can call me "Iza." I’m a freelance English tutor and writer based in Makati City. I’ve been teaching English since 2014 and most of my experience has been with Japanese and Chinese students. I was raised in a bilingual household and can speak English and Tagalog fluently. I have two TESOL certifications granted by International TEFL and TESOL Training Inc., (ITTT). I received my certifications for successfully completing two TESOL courses, first, a comprehensive, 120-hour course on teaching English as a second language and second, a specialized course in teaching Business English. I also have extensive experience in training and managing roles in multinational corporations.

I am passionate about traveling. I’ve been to many places including, Malaysia, Britain, Singapore, Cambodia, China, and Australia. In all of my journeys meeting people from different countries had always been the most exciting part. I love learning about new cultures and that’s why I pursued a career in teaching ESL. As an English Tutor, I can connect with people from different cultures and see  the world through their eyes. At the same time, I’m able to help learners improve their English skills and bring them a step closer to their academic, career, or social goals. 

Another passion of mine is writing, I maintain a personal blog (takethetravel.com), where I share advice and useful resources to fellow travelers. As a writer, I can help you improve compositions such as essays, business letters, emails, or web content. I can review your writing, give you advice on structure, context, and grammar, and proofread your work. Lastly, I’m also an avid reader. My favorite  authors are Paulo Coelho, and Dan Brown. 

What We Can Study Together
Conversational English
We can talk about a wide range of topics so that you can practice your English skills. We can discuss your favorite sports, academic life, travel, culture, fashion trends, music, or even political news. Our discussions will be based on your interests and preferences and I will concentrate on how you deliver your thoughts while focusing on pronunciation and grammar. During each lesson, we’ll talk about  your strengths and areas for improvementl. I will make sure it will be a fun and interesting discussion. 
Business English
Many students I’ve worked with take English lessons for career-related reasons. They often go on business trips abroad and deal with foreign clients regularly, so their common goal was mainly to be able to communicate more effectively in English at the workplace. If you fit this profile, I can absolutely help you. We can discuss topics such as, business negotiations, customer service scenarios, marketing strategies, advertising, job interviews, sales, telephone skills, and more. We will do activities like role-plays and study vocabulary, idioms, and expressions commonly used in a business environment. 

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