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Published 24 Jul, 2019 | View: 530
I'm fairly new to Cafetalk.  I just completed my first ten lessons.  I enjoy the interact...

Hi.  My name is Andy.  I live in Washington state in the United States.  I'm a travel and nature photographer and writer. I also have many years of experience living and working overseas as a diplomat, an intercultural communications trainer and as an English teacher.  I lived in Japan for 10 years, in Taiwan for four years, in Hong Kong for three years and many other interesting and beautiful places in the world.  I love travel and exploring cultures, especially by talking with people and getting to know their interests and values. 

As a diplomat, my job was to talk with people and share information openly and clearly.  As an intercultural communications trainer, I trained Japanese company employees in skills to help them communicate effectively across cultures on the job.  

As an English teacher, I want to have engaging conversations with you, to get to know you and share interesting information, and to help you feel confident and successful in your speaking ability.  

My teaching style is relaxed, open and friendly.  I want to help you meet your English conversation goals by offering honest feedback and helpful advice.  Mostly, I want to make the learning experience fun and rewarding for both you and me.

Let's talk about interesting things: home, family, culture, food, art, hobbies, history, travel, photograpny or current affairs.  I want to help you develop your English conversation ability.

Sign up for one of my lessons now.  Let's talk.

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