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Hi, my name is Michael and I teach English. I was born and raised in New York City, so I am a native English speaker. During university I studied economics, and afterwards I went to both law school and business school. Afterwards, I became a lawyer, and worked in the banking field of New York.

To date, my teaching experience includes both an ESL certification and over four years of one-on-one private tutoring in English. But this isn't my only experience in teaching; in the 25+ years of practicing martial arts, I have taught hundreds upon hundreds of students. Further, as a lawyer for a bank, I spent countless hours lecturing both co-workers and bosses on complex banking laws.

My lessons will center on real conversations. No text books are required. I will supply any and all teaching materials needed. In my lessons, you will be practicing reading, listening and speaking, along with learning new vocabulary and honing your grammar. The themes of our lessons will be relevant to our every day lives; sports, politics, science, business and anything else you would like to discuss. In fact, I do not even want to call our meetings lessons – I prefer the word "conversations" because I want this to be a relaxed and easy experience for you. This in turn, will help you learn much more effectively than any other method on the market.

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