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The 3rd Cafetalk Music Festival Report

-August 11th 2017, Suginami Hall-

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For the third festival, we moved to Suginami Public Hall, branching out to our very first live performance by a band as well as vocal performances. We are excited that guests and participants were able to enjoy music performances by various genres and instruments!

Thanks to the live-stream, many Cafetalk students and tutors joined us via the internet, making the event a roaring success the third year running.

The 3rd Cafetalk Music Festival Report: Album of Memories

MusicFestival2017 - Digest

The tutors who helped from preparing the event to closing the curtain. Thank you so much!

Last Year's Cafetalk Music Festival

Cafetalk's held its very first music recital on August 11th. We'd like to give our heartfelt thanks to all of the audience members and performers who helped make the event such a great success!

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