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Stay Home Let's stay at home and learn something new! May 4th - 30% point back campaign

You'll get 30% of your points back for the lessons you took on May 4th!

The rules and conditions for this campaign are the same as for Cafetalk Day on the 19th and the 29th of the month.

  • Point rebate is only possible once per tutor. Please book lessons with several tutors use the discount for several lessons.
  • Multiple lesson arrangements (=pack lessons), and group lessons are not covered by the point rebate.
  • No-Skype lessons, including proofreading and translation inquiries are not covered by the point rebate.
  • Please note that the validity period of the refunded points will not be extended upon refund.
  • Every student can get a maximum of three refunds on three separate lessons.
  • The maximum refundable amount for all three lesson requests combined is 4.000 points total.
  • Lessons that have been booked using a free lesson voucher are not refundable.
  • The date/time for the campaign is based on Japan Standard Time (UTC+9).
  • Lessons that have already been booked for May 4th before this announcement will also be eligible for this campaign.
  • You will receive the point refund after the lesson request has been completed and within 3 days of the end date of this campaign. You can also complete the lesson by clicking on the "Complete" button yourself when the lesson is finished.
  • If a discount coupon has been used for the lesson, the 30% point refund will be applied to the already discounted lesson price.
  • If the lesson is cancelled by the student and a cancellation fee is applied by the tutor, the cancellation fee does not qualify for a point refund.
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