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                    Congratulations on your graduation                
                    Congratulations on your graduation

We will be streaming a series of music performances online from four of our tutors on Cafetalk, all with the theme of graduation!

Whether you will be graduating this spring or not, why not join us and celebrate together from your home?




20th March, 2021 Sat. 11:30~12:10(JST)


Free of charge


  • 【弾き語り】Ayako Cecilia講師:アンジェラアキ 手紙〜拝啓 十五の君へ〜
  • 【フルート】Ogasawara_flute講師:いきものがかり YELL
  • 【歌】Saya.Sunshine講師:宇多田ヒカル 道
  • 【ピアノ】akiko_pf講師:レミオロメン 3月9日

How to watch streaming video

Please log into Cafetalk on the event day. There will a notification on the dashboard inviting you to watch the stream.

Click on the notification to open the viewing screen.

You need to log in to your Cafetalk student account to watch the stream.

Please be sure to read and understand the following terms and conditions in advance.

Terms and conditions

Please be sure to read and understand the following terms and conditions in advance.
  • *The quality of the video and the volume of the sound may vary due to the fact that the videos were shot by individual tutors. You may need to adjust the brightness and volume of your device for each video when viewing.
  • *Please check the program schedule in advance. Depending on the conditions of the streaming, the time may be delayed by about 5 minutes.
  • *On the day of the event, you will be able to watch the pre-prepared recordings in a live streaming format. You cannot rewind or forward the stream.
  • *The live stream may stop or be interrupted, or the audio may be distorted depending on your viewing environment. In such cases, try reconnecting to Wifi, change your device, or move to a location with better signal and you may resolve the issue.
  • *We will monitor the stream with multiple devices on the event day, and if the connection environment of the streamer is not suitable for broadcasting, or if there is a poor connection due to bad weather or a disaster, we will cancel the event.
  • *Recordings will not be for sale.
  • *We do not allow filming, recording or audio recording of the stream for any purposes.
  • *We have a comment section on the viewing page where not only the tutors, but also the viewers, can write comments during the stream. Supportive messages and comments are very welcome.
  • *If any slanderous or discriminatory remarks are found in the comments section of the viewing page, we will delete them immediately and identify the writer.
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