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			Get 500 Points for Yourself and Your Friends			
			Get 500 Points for Yourself and Your Friends

The friend you invite gets 500 points When your friend buys points, you get 500 points too!

All you need to do to invite a friend is send them the URL ♪
Please copy the invite link and send it to your friends!

【 Please read the following points carefully 】

  • Your friend (the person who is invited) HAS TO access the above URL to register as a student.
  • During the campaign period, if you receive invitations from more than one person who is already a student on Cafetalk, the URL you clicked just before you registered will be valid.
  • The point present for your friend's account will become available once they sign up for their new account. You will receive your point present once your friend buys points on Cafetalk for the first time. This only applies if your friend has never before used Cafetalk.
  • The invitation URL is valid beyond the campaign period, but will not be counted in the number of entries. To register for the campaign, please complete your registration by 23:59 (JST) on 30/4/2021.
  • The validity of points received as a present is 30 days from the day they were issued.
  • If multiple registrations or other irregularities are discovered, your account may be suspended without notice.
  • Please note that people from the same household (family or friends) are excluded from "Invite a friend" point present.

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