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					輝け☆マイオリジナル曲 オンライン作曲レッスン特集 © Luis Hernandez, Luz Adriana Villa

Always dreamed of being a songwriter? Whether you've already started and want some guidance or you're a complete amateur who has always admired songwriters, you can create your own original piece of work with the help of a professional composer.
Professional musicians on Cafetalk are ready to help you shine!

Songwriting Lesson Scene

作曲 by Masa Ash

More than just languages! Choose from a variety of categories
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AKB48や前田敦子への楽曲提供も手掛ける今旬な作曲家。J-POP界を牽引するミュージシャンであり作曲家。 Tutor Profile

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バークリー音楽大学卒のジャズピアノプレーヤーであり作曲家。繊細な音を紡ぐピアノ演奏も好評。クラシックからジャズへ興味を持った方には最適。英語でのレッスンも可。 Tutor Profile

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