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What is JLPT?

The JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) is a standard to measure and certify the Japanese language abilities of non-Japanese natives.

It's currently offered in 65 countries around the world including Japan and is the most widely recognized standard for Japanese language at this time. There are many advantages to having JLPT certificates including career advancement. It can be used to fulfill college credits.

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Why Cafetalk makes sense.

Even if you are absolute beginner, Cafetalk will support you with free counseling
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  • One on one lessons All lessons are private so you can customize the lesson to fit your needs. Anytime, anywhere! You can learn from anywhere, anytime making it perfect for the busy student
  • Always get access to free counseling to help you
    with your studies.
    We’ll support you 100% so you can concentrate on learning.
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JLPT Prep Lessons on Cafetalk

Our tutors can customize your studies to fit any of the levels from N5 to N1 as well as offer focused and effective lessons to improve your reading and listening abilities.

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How does Cafetalk operate?

We guide you how to start, search lessons and take lessons with movie. It is good for beginners! You can learn from guide video!

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