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Why it is easier for Filipinos to learn English

Jun 2, 2019

Learning English has always been a part of Filipino education.  It is mainly because of the Americans liberating the Philippines from Spanish abuse for about 400 years.  For that, it was almost a psychological effect on Filipinos that Americans are good, and, they want to learn something good like the English language.  So, this is how things went on after that: 
  • Many Filipino families talk to their children in English at a very young age, sometimes even when they are still in the womb.
  • All around the country, you will see signs, directions, advertisements, and printed materials in English.
  • Many television and radio stations have English broadcasts
  • Many newspapers, magazines, books and reading materials are in English.
  • English is still the main medium of instruction in schools.
  • Generally, Filipinos learn by listening to people talking in English.
  • A good majority of Filipinos prefer English songs, movies and television shows.
  • Instructions on how to do things, like owner's manuals, are usually in English text.
  • Most companies hiring employees interview them in English. 
  • Most companies still use English text in communicating with employees and clients.
There are a few good schools that are able to teach students to speak almost native-like English.  The Philippines is now the top Business Process Outsourcing (BPO or Call Center) country because of the light the accent when speaking in English.

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