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Life Always Finds A Way

Apr 30, 2020

Hello Everyone


I was practicing a new hobby the other day. Its called free-line skating. I go to a local empty parking lot to practice as there are no cars or bicycles to have to worry about. As I was practicing I noticed this little beauty poking its flowers to catch the sunlight.


I looked into the grate and saw the plant over 40cm below. It made me think how life always finds a way.


No matter what the situation, the plant just did its thing and grew, overcoming any obstacle in its way. It never thought that it had bad luck for landing down there. It never thought not to try because the sunlight was so far away. It only followed natures rules of overcoming and finding a way to make things work.


So up grew that little plant until it poked its head out of the grate and into the sunlight to continue the cycle of life. That little plant inspired me. I hope sharing this might inspire you too!



Take care



Ivan :)


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