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The Australian Housing Crisis And The Rise Of Homelessness

Mar 28, 2024

The Australian housing crisis is a growing issue that is leaving many people homeless. With skyrocketing property prices and a shortage of affordable housing, many individuals and families are finding themselves unable to afford a place to live. 
This is particularly problematic in major cities like Sydney and Melbourne, where the cost of housing has become increasingly unattainable for low-income earners. 
The lack of affordable housing options has forced many people into homelessness, leading to a rise in the number of individuals sleeping rough on the streets. This not only poses serious health and safety risks for those affected, but also highlights the urgent need for government intervention to address this crisis. 
Without adequate support and resources, many homeless individuals are left vulnerable and without a stable place to live. In order to combat the Australian housing crisis and prevent more people from becoming homeless, it is essential for governments at all levels to implement policies that prioritise affordable housing. 
This could include measures such as increasing social housing stock or implementing rent control measures to ensure that housing remains affordable for all. By taking action to address the root causes of homelessness, we can work towards creating a society where everyone has access to safe and stable housing.

  • On any given night, 122,494 people in Australia are experiencing homelessness (ABS Census 2021).
  • One in seven people experiencing homelessness are children under 12 (ABS Census 2021).
  • 23 per cent of people experiencing homelessness (almost one in 4) are children and young people between 12 and 24 (ABS Census 2021).
  • One in five people experiencing homelessness are Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people (ABS Census 2021).

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