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Talk about a Japanese drama that you enjoyed lately.

Apr 3, 2024

For those of you who watch Japanese dramas, you probably already know which one I will talk about based on the main photo. :)

It's actually been over 10 years since I last watched a Japanese drama. Watching dramas gave me the sense of hope that I will fulfill my dream. My dream of eventually experiencing the culture first hand by living there and eventually being able to speak the language.

So there I was going through shows on Netflix, as I stumbled upon a show titled First Love. It's with Takeru Satoh, a very good-looking actor and one that I can say is my favourite these days. :) I read the description and it said it was based on a song by Utada Hikaru. I immediately started watching. Utada Hikaru was one of the artists I used to listen to when I was studying Japanese.

First Love isn't your typical drama. It's not one where you know what will happen at the end. The love story isn't cheesy at all and I can say a lot of people can definitely relate to it on one level or another because of the complexity of the story.

Also, get your tissues ready. You're definitely going to need them.

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