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Sherlock Holmes Stories

Apr 3, 2024

The Sherlock Holmes stories by Arthur Conan Doyle are famous the world over. And rightly so, because they have interesting puzzles, characters that you can remember, and an old-world atmosphere.

This book in the picture is a Penguin Reader. In this lesson, I am using the Penguin graded reader, with four Sherlock Holmes stories which are specially adapted to help learners of English. It is recommended to buy this book online or in a shop.

There is a story about stealing a diamond, one about a student cheating in an exam, one about a famous singer and a king, and one about a race horse.

Some of the language is changed to make it a bit easier but you still get the fun of the plot; these are at easy intermediate level.

You can either read the book by yourself and ask me questions about it in the lesson. Or we will read the story aloud in the lesson and talk about it.
After the lesson I will send you feedback and links to further information.
I look forward to reading it with you.

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