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セキセイインコの話 A story of a budgerigar


























British people are very conscious about protecting wild birds; bird tables and bird feeders are commonly seen in their gardens.


Lots of birds come to our back garden, the ones you can see up close are very cute!

When I was asked “ What's your favourite bird?”, I used to answer, “jidori” though. (Very delicious chicken)


By the way, the other day, I asked my husband,“Are there any people who keep their pet birds in their houses?” then he answered, “ Well, I'm not sure about that but some people may keep budgerigars.”


Speaking of budgerigars, this is the story that my friend told me which he heard on the BBC radio.” He started to tell it to me.


There was a young couple. They had been getting on very well and were planning to marry.


One cold winter day, the man visited his girl friend's home to meet her parents. They were out, so she went to fetch them. He was shown into the living room and she introduced him to her parents' pet budgerigar. She told him that it is the apple of their eye, and they usually let it fly freely in the house. He was going to wait for them for a while, in the big and wonderful room. There was red-hot fire in the fire place, how warm and nice ...it made him feel pretty good.


The budgerigar may be friendly by its nature, it seemed to be flying around the room like it was welcoming him.


The man also fully relaxed and started reading a book sitting in the arm chair next to the fire.

The bird got completely used to him. It was about to land on his knee, when he crossed his legs and kicked it, making it shoot straight onto the roaring fire!


This was the more terrible accident than scoring an own goal! He was in a panic but he grabbed the fire tongs and managed to pick up the poor bird from among the flames. At that moment, the door of the room opened.


He looked up to see his girlfriend and her parents staring at him with shocked and frightened expressions as they saw him roasting their poor budgie on the fire...


But what about my question about pet birds? He never answered me...