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Vol.    1 Sales Fall after Soda Tax’s Launch
Vol.    2 New Bottle to Solve Ketchup Problem
Vol.    3 Landmass under New Zealand Could Be an Eighth Continent
Vol.    4 Trial of Female Figures on Pedestrian Crossings
Vol.    5 Subway Sues TV Network
Vol.    6 Binge-watching TV Causes Poor Sleep
Vol.    7 Using Emojis Makes You Seem Incompetent
Vol.    8 Underwater Ruins of Lost Roman City
Vol.    9 The World's Most Useless Airport
Vol.  10 Hong Kong's Poor Live
Vol.  11 New Plaza in front of Tokyo Station
Vol.  12 Trump Says Jerusalem Is Israel's Capital
Vol.  13 A Bone from Santa
Vol.  14 Social Network are Destroying How Society Works
Vol.  15 Pentagon’s Multi-million Dollar UFO Programme
Vol.  16 Plants Glowing in the Dark
Vol.  17 Giant Panda Cub Debut at Ueno Zoo
Vol.  18 Selfieccino Latte Art
Vol.  19 Japan's Jobless Rate Has Been Improved
Vol.  20 Excessive Gaming Causes Mental Health Issue
Vol.  21 Trump's Remarks Provoke Outrage
Vol.  22 Childhood Scents Get Etched onto the Brain
Vol.  23 Hollywood's Anti-Harassment Movement
Vol.  24 Two Koreas Under a Flag at Winter Olympics
Vol.  25 Tokyo Hit by Heavy Snow
Vol.  26 Coincheck Promises Refund
Vol.  27 Super Blue Blood Moon
Vol.  28 Greenspan Sees Bubbles in Stocks and Bonds
Vol.  29 Nutella Riots in a French Supermarket
Vol.  30 Cities Face a Surge in Online Deliveries
Vol.  31 Why Armani?
Vol.  32 Teen Shogi Whiz Wins Tokyo Tourney
Vol.  33 Writing a To-Do List Before Bed
Vol.  34 Walmart Shares Fell 10 Percent
Vol.  35 The World's Most Popular Tourism Location
Vol.  36 A Project to Use Less Ink
Vol.  37 Archaeologists Find Ancient Necropolis in Egypt
Vol.  38 South African Neighbours Ban Meat Exports
Vol.  39 Trump’s Tariff Plan Brings Brutal Responses in Europe
Vol.  40 Japanese Robotic Wolves to Protect Crops
Vol.  41 Ringo Starr Receives Knighthood
Vol.  42 Why Stress Makes You Fat?
Vol.  43 World Markets Roiled by Fears of US-China Trade War
Vol.  44 Children Struggle to Hold Pencils
Vol.  45 New B.C. Taxes Go into Effect
Vol.  46 Undersea Land Mass Found on Google Earth
Vol.  47 Boracay Is Closed to Tourists
Vol.  48
Global Shipping in Historic Climate Deal
Vol.  49 Night Owls May Die Sooner
Vol.  50 Swaziland Changes Its Name to eSwatini
Vol.  51 Royal Baby Named Prince Louis
Vol.  52 Amazon's Alexa Will Reward Children Who Behave Politely
Vol.  53 Every Village in India Now Has Electricity
Vol.  54 Children Need to Learn New Language Before Age 10
Vol.  55 InSight Mission Will Target 'Marsquakes'
Vol.  56 Cinema Drinks Contain Unsafe Bacteria
Vol.  57 Starbucks Changes Bathroom Policy
Vol.  58 Carbon Footprint Caused by Global Tourism
Vol.  59 Nessie DNA Trawl
Vol.  60 Japan Lowers Age of Adulthood to 18
Vol.  61 Algeria Turns Off Internet for High School Exams
Vol.  62 World's Oldest Colour Is Bright Pink
Vol.  63 Sounds of the Sun
Vol.  64 France Bans Smartphones in School
Vol.  65 Scientists Solve Mystery of Stonehenge
Vol.  66 French Theme Park Uses Crows to Pick Up Trash
Vol.  67 Amazon Investigates Staff Bribery Claims
Vol.  68 Athlete Banned from All-you-can-eat Restaurant
Vol.  69 False Quake Alarm Gives Tokyoites A Midnight Scare
Vol.  70 Sagrada Familia Gets Building Permit
Vol.  71 Lie Detector Tests at Airports Are Coming
Vol.  72 U.S. Reimposes Sanctions on Iran
Vol.  73 Wall Street Gains after US Mid-terms
Vol.  74 Canada’s New $10 Banknote
Vol.  75 US Stocks Suffer Worst Week in a Decade
Vol.  76 US Government Partially Shuts Down over Border Wall Row
Vol.  77 US Government Shutdown Could Stretch into January
Vol.  78 Emperor Akihito Marks Last Birthday on Throne
Vol.  79 Record ¥333.6 Million Paid for Giant Tuna
Vol.  80 New Departure Tax
Vol.  81 Labor Ministry Released Erroneous Monthly Survey
Vol.  82 China's Chang'e-4 Makes Historic Touchdown
Vol.  83 Mastercard Drops Its Name from Logo
Vol.  84 F.B.I. Opened Inquiry into Trump
Vol.  85 Ministers Plead with MPs to Back Theresa May's Deal
Vol.  86 U.S. Government Shutdown Drags into Fourth Week
Vol.  87 May's Brexit Deal Rejected by MPs
Vol.  88 Super Blood Moon Eclipse of January 2019
Vol.  89 Saturn's Spectacular Rings Are Very Young
Vol.  90 €1 Houses on Sale in Italy
Vol.  91 Tonnes of Chicken Nuggets Recalled in US
Vol.  92 A Speed Limit on the Autobahn
Vol.  93 Warming Threatens Himalayan Glaciers
Vol.  94 Chinese Communities Welcome the New Year
Vol.  95 The U.S.-China Trade War Can Be EU’s Gain
Vol.  96 Canada’s Seafood Problem
Vol.  97 New Rover Named Rosalind Franklin
Vol.  98 Food Industry Warns Gove on Brexit Crisis
Vol.  99 No-Deal Plan for Channel Tunnel Operations
Vol.100 Kyushu Electric Scraps No. 2 Reactor
Vol.101 New Mysterious Frog Species Discovered in India
Vol.102 MPs Vote to Seek Delay to Brexit
Vol.103 Japan Reveals Name of New Era
Vol.104 Massive Fire Ravages Paris Cathedral
Vol.105 Japan Has A New Emperor
Vol.106 The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Have Welcomed a Baby Boy
Vol.107 Beluga Whale Found In Norway May Be A Russian Spy
Vol.108 Winnie the Pooh Visits Royal Baby
Vol.109 Plastic Bag Found at Deepest Point on Earth
Vol.110 Theresa May Sets Departure from No 10
Vol.111 Trump Visits Japan As First State Guest for New Emperor
Vol.112 Unexplained Flashes Are Coming from the Moon
Vol.113 Outrage As Work Beings on New Machu Picchu Airport
Vol.114 Education Publisher To Phase Out Print Textbooks
Vol.115 Japan Removes South Korea from Trusted Export List
Vol.116 Giraffes Given Greater Protection from Unregulated Trade
Vol.117 A Powerful Typhoon Wrecks Havoc on Tokyo Transport System
Vol.118 Positive Thinking Helps Us Live Longer
Vol.119 'Deepfake' App Causes Fraud and Privacy Fears in China
Vol.120 Oil Prices Soar After Saudi Drone Attack
Vol.121 Nonbinary Pronoun 'They' Added to Merriam-Webster
Vol.122 Scientists Estimate Earth's Total Carbon Store
Vol.123 Ninja Student Gets A for Writing Essay in Invisible Ink
Vol.124 Typhoon Hagibis Edges Closer to Japan
Vol.125 Saturn Overtakes Jupiter As Planet with Most Moons
Vol.126 PM Sends Letter to Brussels
Vol.127 Pound Slips in Early Trading
Vol.128 Origin of Modern Humans Traced to Botswana
Vol.129 EU Leaders Agree to Brexit Extension
Vol.130 Hubble Telescope Snaps a Spooky Face in Space
Vol.131 Shuri Castle Destroyed in Fire
Vol.132 Collins Dictionary's 2019 Word of the Year
Vol.133 ‘Invisibility Cloak’ Straight out of Harry Potter Is Now a Thing
Vol.134 Finland Gets World's Youngest Prime Minister
Vol.135 MPs Back Boris Johnson's Plan to Leave EU on 31 January
Vol.136 Crowds in Asia Gather to See 'Ring of Fire'
Vol.137 Can Phones Replace Classrooms?
Vol.138 Climate Change Hope for Hydrogen Fuel
Vol.139 Oil Prices Jump after US Strike in Iraq
Vol.140 Carlos Ghosn Fled Japan to Lebanon
Vol.141 Tuna Fetches ¥193 Million in New Year's Auction
Vol.142 Thirsty Koala Approaches Cyclists
Vol.143 Huge Crowds Pack Tehran for Commander's Funeral
Vol.144 Potentially Habitable Earth-Size Planet Discovered by NASA
Vol.145 Trump under Fire for Threat to Iranian Cultural Sites
Vol.146 Finland Is Not Launching 4-Day Working Week
Vol.147 Royals 'Hurt' as Couple Begin 'Next Chapter'
Vol.148 Recycled Cardboard Used for Beds at Olympics
Vol.149 Royals Gather for Talks over Sussexes' Future
Vol.150 Philippine Taal Volcano Begins Spewing Lava
Vol.151 Queen Agrees 'Transition' to New Role for Harry and Meghan
Vol.152 Emperor and Empress to Make State Visit to United Kingdom
Vol.153 US and China Sign Deal to Ease Trade War
Vol.154 Vatican Appoints First Woman to Senior Role in Church
Vol.155 Turkey's Wikipedia Ban Ends after Almost Three Years
Vol.156 Disney to Remove 'Fox' from 20th Century Film Studio Name
Vol.157 Harry and Meghan Drop Royal Duties and HRH titles
Vol.158 Protests Close Louvre Museum in Paris
Vol.159 For Prince Harry, No Special Treatment in Canada
Vol.160 President's Lawyers Demand Immediate Acquittal
Vol.161 Warning against Cover-up as Number of Cases Jumps
Vol.162 US Announces First Case of New Coronavirus
Vol.163 Trudeau Says He Hasn't Spoken to Queen about Security Costs
Vol.164 Asian Stocks Revisit Declines amid Virus Concern
Vol.165 Scientists Discover 'Why Stress Turns Hair White'
Vol.166 Powerful Earthquake Strikes Eastern Turkey
Vol.167 US Space Force Logo Looks Like One from Star Trek
Vol.168 Billie Eilish Is the Big Winner at the Grammys
Vol.169 Calls Grow for Bolton Testimony
Vol.170 To 'Meghan Markle' Is Now A Verb
Vol.171 Denmark in Cartoon Bust-up with China over Flag
Vol.172 Commercial Salmon Fishery on Brink
Vol.173 Amazon Sales Soar As Other Retailers Struggle
Vol.174 The Titanic Will be Protected by a Treaty between US and UK
Vol.175 Sweethearts Will Leave You Speechless This Valentine's Day
Vol.176 Geeks around the World Celebrate A Palindrome Day
Vol.177 China Admits 'Shortcomings and Deficiencies
Vol.178 Nasa Astronaut to Set New Female Space Record
Vol.179 Heavy rain extinguishes third of blazes in NSW
Vol.180 Antarctica Logs Hottest Temperature
Vol.181 Facebook's Twitter and Instagram Accounts Hacked
Vol.182 Maths Experts Zero in on Secret to Perfect Espresso
Vol.183 Oscars TV Ratings Fall to All-time Low
Vol.184 Coronavirus Gets Official Name from WHO
Vol.185 'Pariah' Cruise Ship Rejected by Five Ports Docks At Last
Vol.186 Nestle Axes Low Sugar Chocolate due to Weak Sales
Vol.187 Fertiliser Could Be Used to Power Ocean-going Ships
Vol.188 McDonald's Burger-scented Candles
Vol.189 Global Stock Markets Plunge on Coronavirus Fears
Vol.190 Warm Winter Ruins German Ice Wine Harvest
Vol.191 Panic Buying Australians Clear Supermarket Shelves
Vol.192 Taiwan's New Mask Rationing System
Vol.193 Tokyo 2020 Could Be Postponed to End of Year
Vol.194 Twitter Tests Vanishing Tweets
Vol.195 Mercury Retrograde Can Bring ‘Good Surprises
Vol.196 Egypt's Oldest Pyramid Reopens to Public
Vol.197 A Malfunction Causes Red Wine to Flow from Taps
Vol.198 This Year's Equinox Is The Earliest in 124 Years
Vol.199 Italy Extends Emergency Measures Nationwide
Vol.200 Family Accidentally Orders 12 years' Worth of Toilet Paper
Vol.201 Global Stocks Fall As US Imposes EU Travel Ban
Vol.202 Penguins Get Private Tour of Shedd Aquarium
Vol.203 Coronavirus Shutdowns Have Unintended Climate Benefits
Vol.204 Tokyo 2020 Olympics to Be Postponed
Vol.205 Trump Says Harry and Meghan Must Pay for Security
Vol.206 Abenomask?
Vol.207 Canada Post Manages to Deliver A Letter Without An Address
Vol.208 Antarctic Penguins Release An Extreme Amount of Laughing Gas
Vol.209 Bach 'Would Understand Tokyo Cancellation'
Vol.210 Woman Wins Picasso Painting Worth €1m in Raffle
Vol.211 Penguins Visit Art Museum
Vol.212 Wikipedia Sets New Rule to Combat “Toxic Behaviour”
Vol.213 Western Australia Prepares for 'Once-in-a-decade' Storm
Vol.214 Volkswagen Loses Landmark German 'Dieselgate' Case
Vol.215 Nevada Governor Green-lights June 4 Reopening of Casinos
Vol.216 Trump Signs Executive Order Targeting Twitter after Fact-checking Row
Vol.217 Trump Targets China over Hong Kong Security Law
Vol.218 Vast Arctic Oil Spill Prompts State of Emergency
Vol.219 Strawberry Moon, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
Vol.220 Amazon Removes T-shirt Showing George Floyd Death
Vol.221 Earliest Evidence of Bow and Arrow Use Found on Sri Lanka
Vol.222 Lady Antebellum Is Changing Its Name
Vol.223 US Supreme Court Backs Protection for LGBT Workers
Vol.224 Facebook Launches WhatsApp Digital Payment Service
Vol.225 North Korea Blows Up Joint Liaison Office with South
Vol.226 Trump Asked China’s Xi for Reelection Help
Vol.227 Apple's Annual Developer Showcase Overshadowed by App Row
Vol.228 Entrepreneur's 'Free Rice ATMs' for Vietnam's Poor
Vol.229 Botched Art Restoration Turned the Virgin Mary into A Smudgy Mess
Vol.230 US Passes Sanctions as Nations Condemn New Law
Vol.231 Supermarkets Snub Coconut Goods Picked by Monkeys
Vol.232 California Reimposes Sweeping Restrictions amid Virus Spike
Vol.233 Amazon Takes on Supermarkets with Free Food Delivery
Vol.234 Beach SOS Saves Men Stranded on Tiny Micronesian Island
Vol.235 Chocolate 'Snow' Covers Swiss Town after Glitch


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