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New Student Month of May Coupon

May 7, 2019 19:09
May 31, 2019 21:09
New Students Only

Lessons for which you can use this coupon

The aim of this lesson is to move away from ONE WAY conversations by ...

More for the visual student who wants to improve speaking proficiency...

READ A Book - Charlotte's Web

35min 1,400P

Skype Lesson

This lesson can be taken repeatedly to cover the reading material of ...

A Topic-A Lesson

30min 1,900P

Skype Lesson

A 30-minute discussion lesson discussing various questions around a t...

Intensive Grammar Practice

60min 2,500P

Skype Lesson

Sixty Minutes of Grammar

English for Work: The Job Interview

40min 2,000P

Skype Lesson

This lesson aims to tackle how you can prepare and perform at job int...

English for Tour Guides

25min 1,400P

Skype Lesson

This is a practical approach to learning English that can be used for...

English for Travel

25min 1,300P

Skype Lesson

Learn essential practical speaking skills and useful vocabulary for w...

READ Aloud 45-min Session

45min 1,800P

Skype Lesson

This is a 45-minute guided reading session for you to practice readin...

READ Aloud 20-min Lesson

20min 900P

Skype Lesson

A guided reading session for you to practice your reading skills out ...

Lessons Counselling for Students

15min 400P

Skype Lesson

Have your future lessons and lesson packs customised by discussing wh...

Phrasal Verbs

25min 1,500P

Skype Lesson

Learn phrasal verbs through this lesson and how to use them in senten...

A 25-minute conversation session to build on vocabulary and help you ...

15-Minute Dialogue

15min 700P

Skype Lesson

Conversations kept short and sweet. Beginning with introductions and ...

Reviewing, Proofreading, and Correction of Short Content or Write-ups...

Improve your writing and get your short essays corrected with feedbac...

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