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Let's get to know each other and I will help you reaching your goals!

Tell me what you see!

30min 1,800 Pts

Simply describe a picture using your own words!

Practice your spoken English, improve your fluency and enhance your v...

More time to practice your spoken English, improve your fluency and e...

Skype chat!

30min 500 Pts

A 30-minutes-long chat!

let's have a look at what happens in the world by reading news or fun...

Are you planning to take on the TOEIC exam? Let's practise!!

Guess the lyrics!

25min 1,600 Pts

Challenge yourself! Can you sing this song?

pack your suitcase!

35min 1,600 Pts

Are you going to your favourite destination soon? Are you no longer f...

Dimmi cosa vedi

30min 1,600 Pts

Migliora il tuo italiano descrivendo una foto!

Pasta & Pizza!

30min 1,600 Pts

Ciao!! Vuoi praticare un po' di italiano? Eccomi qua! :)

I'm from Italy, but I was born in a island called Sardinia... have yo...

Travel to Italy!

30min 1,400 Pts

Virtual tour of Italy

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