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Christmas Coupon!

Dec 1, 2018 00:00〜Dec 25, 2018 23:59

Lessons for which you can use this coupon

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  • English
  • Academic Tutoring

Quick Talk!

15min 700P

Skype Lesson

For busy learners or students who want a quick lesson in English!

Let's Introduce Ourselves!

15min 500P

Skype Lesson

For first-time students. Let's get to know each other and talk about ...

Proofreading, editing, and suggested revisions to help you improve as...

Have a professional writer give a detailed review on your essays, rep...

Free Talk!

30min 1,500P

Skype Lesson

Let's talk and get to know each other!

Learn how to do pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry in English!

Improve Your Pronunciation

30min 1,500P

Skype Lesson

Learn the pronunciation rules as native speakers have been taught!

Figurative Language in Literature

50min 2,500P

Skype Lesson

Learn to read and express yourself better in English by reading liter...

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